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Bukit Lawang Day Tours

1. Explore Local Life by Mountain Bike (3/4-day tour):

Do you want to find out where your food comes from and how it is made? EcoTravel is proud to present its first mountain bike adventure in the area of Gunung Leuser National Park. This 3/4-day tour (this trip can get also organized by traditional Tuk-Tuk-taxi if required) will take you along green rice fields, rubber plantations and through unique villages surrounding Bukit Lawang.

This area has been hardly touched by tourism and has retained much of its rural magic. Your guide takes you through rice paddy panoramas to see the marvelous irrigation system at work and observe the timeless routine of planting and harvesting rice. On this unique Sumatra EcoTravel tour you will explore everyday life and see how people live in Kampung Bukit and how they produce brown sugar, tofu and rubber or how they weave bamboo for their houses. Many Indonesian children will be calling their "hellos" along the way. And through guided talks with the villagers you will deeply immerse in Indonesian culture only half an hour away from Bukit Lawang. The unforgettable taste of brown sugar and young coconut, offered by the villagers, is something to take home with you. The last stopover on this tour will be at Simpang Mursal Timbangjaya for a typical local lunch together with the villagers.

Price per person: 30 Euro / price includes: mountain bike & equipment (or becak, petrol, driver), English speaking guide, fruits, local lunch, donation to the villagers. This tour starts on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays only! Note: min 2 persons!

2. Tangkahan Adventure (1-day tour)

The peaceful jungle village of Tangkahan is a hidden paradise – and a 2,5 hours drive from Bukit Lawang (one way)! Famous for its Sumatran elephants it also offers a natural, unspoilt environment. This is where you will experience a unique jungle adventure and add to the benefit of the local community.

This Sumatra EcoTravel tour starts at 09:00 am with a pick up by air-con car and off-road transfer to Tangkahan. Jungle roads which can be bumpy take you through small villages. Witness the destruction of the rain forest manifested by palm oil plantations stretching to the horizon – a sad image you will never forget. On arrival and after registering with the park office you will enjoy a delicious lunch in the Mega Inn restaurant overlooking the river. Then you need to make up your mind how to spend the next 2 hours in this hidden paradise: A short walk from the restaurant and a swim across the river would take you to a natural hot spring, where you will have time to swim and relax. Alternatively, you are welcome to discover the local village and its surroundings. Afterwards you have the great opportunity to meet the famous Sumatran elephants. You will join the daily bathing ritual and help washing the elephants in the Buluh river (up to 1 hour), operated by our partner CRU/LPT Tangkahan. Please note that this tour does NOT include elephant riding! But we are happy to launch the start of a new elephant experience on October 1st 2017: "Walking With Elephants" or "Angon Gajah" is a new tour developed to give alternative options to riding, for visitors who want to be close with elephants in their natural environment without taking part in elephant back riding. This exclusive and intimate 3-hours tour gives EcoTravel guests the chance to spend time with the mahouts, help wash the elephants in the river and walk alongside the elephants as they explore their natural jungle environment. If you are interested in "Angon Gajah" please let us know in advance as there are daily limits, so bookings have to be made early. The journey back to Bukit Lawang starts in Tangkahan after elephant bathing at 4:30 pm.

Note: We do not have any influence on the elephant activities in Tangkahan as they are not run by our team. EcoTravel Bukit Lawang is just a middle person to book this activity.

Price per person: 70 EUR (2018) / 75 (2019) / price includes: driver, petrol, English speaking guide, lunch at Mega Inn Restaurant, local guide (CRU/LPT), elephant bathing up to 1 hour, all permits for the national park, tickets for crossing the Buluh River, stop at hot springs; price excludes: "Angon Gajah" (optional / +34 EUR (2018) / 39 EUR (2019) / pax / advance reservation required!). This tour starts on Thursdays only! Note: min 2 persons!

3. Bat Cave & Landak River Walk (1-day tour):

This memorable Sumatra EcoTravel tour is a highlight for cave lovers and bird watchers: Starts at 9 am with a leisurely 3 km walk from Bukit Lawang to the famous Bat Cave. This cave features three "rooms" full of stalagmites and stalactites, with countless bats on its roof and swallows on its walls. Lit by torch lights, this impressive cave system will be shown to you by our guide. Then there’s a 1-hour-walk to the beautiful Landak River near the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park. This beautiful spot is ideal for your lunch followed by some swimming in the river or relaxing by its banks. You can also admire the unique Tualang Tree - one of the world’s tallest trees! Depending on the season you can taste durian fruit, pineapple or coconuts offered by the villagers. Thomas leaf monkeys, silver tail macaques, camouflaged lizards, various birds and beautiful butterflies make up the local wildlife. On your way back you can stop - if you like - at a place where you safely watch our amazing Sumatran snakes like cobras or green vipers.

Price per person: 30 Euro / price includes: English speaking guide, entrance fee, torch light, picnic lunch, fruits, drinking water. This tour starts on Sundays and Thursdays only! Note: min 2 persons!

4. Rafflesia Trek (1-day tour):

At this special trek northeast of Bukit Lawang you can see original villages, wild orangutans, black gibbons, the highest flower of the world Amorphophallus Titanum and the biggest flower of the world, Rafflesia Arnoldii.

This 1-day Sumatra EcoTravel tour starts at 08:00 am with a transport (around 30 minutes) to Tualang Gepang (or to Baraku Katak), a basic traditional village. The main income of these people is rubber and palm oil. Here we start walking down through rubber plantations to the Kerapu River and follow upstream of this river to the Gunung Leuser National Park. The area there is mostly wet and mossy, so you have to walk really careful up and down the hills. While trekking in the rainforest we are searching for the biggest and the highest flowers in the world, the Rafflesia Arnoldii and the Amorphophallus Titanum. During this trek we can also commonly see wild orangutans and many other monkeys like long tail macaques, pig tail macaques, gibbons or thomas leaf monkeys. We will have lunch at a riverbank close to a clear waterfall, during a rest you can swim and relax there. On the way back to the village we will stop at the bat cave Gua Luntir with great stalagmites. Around this cave next to rubber plantation fields from the villagers of Tualang Gepang you have also the chance to see pythons. Back to Bukit Lawang you will go by car in the afternoon. We can offer this tour only when its blooming time - around Tualang Gepang or also around Batu Katak village, just ask.

Price per person: 50 Euro / price includes: English speaking guide, local guide, driver, petrol, lunch picnic, fruits, drinking water; price excludes: entrance permits in the Gunung Leuser National Park/camera tax (150.000 IDR/pax). This tour starts on Sundays while blooming season only! Note: min 3 persons!

5. White Water Rafting Adventure (1-day tour)

With our partner team Sumatra Savages we offer an exhilarating white water rafting adventure through Gunung Leuser National Park, a journey down the spectacular and great fun filled rapids Wampu River. An exciting outdoor-experience into the beautiful wild and unspoiled North Sumatran rainforest with lowering gorges and a magnificent waterfall. You start in Bukit Lawang in the morning at 9:00 am and go by private transportation to the village Simolap Marike, the starting point of your 6-hour white water rafting journey. On the way you’ll experience the wonderful countryside, farmers with their various plants and commodity they grow for their income. You stop at a point to pump up our boats as instructors explain how to raft well with maximum good fun. While rafting then you will stop at hot springs along the way for swimming and relaxing. After a local lunch picnic at a waterfall you continue rafting down the Wampu River. Your journey ends in Bohorok from where you will be picked up and taken back to your accommodation in Bukit Lawang.

Note: We do not have any influence on the White Water Rafting activities as they are not run by our team. EcoTravel Bukit Lawang is just a middle person to book this activity.

Price per person: 60 Euro / price includes: English speaking guide, all equipment, return transport from Bukit Lawang, rafting instructor, lunch picnic, drinking water. This tour starts on Mondays only! Note: min 3 persons!

6. Bat Cave Walk (3-Hours Tour)

This Sumatra EcoTravel tour is a slow 3 kilometer walk from Bukit Lawang to the famous Bat Cave. There are three "rooms" inside, which are full of stalagmites and stalactites, many bats on the roof and swallow birds at the wall. Lit by torch lights, this impressive cave system will be shown to you by our guide.

Price per person: 16 Euro / price includes: English speaking guide, fruits, drinking water, entrance fee.  This tour starts on Sundays and Thursdays only! Note: min 2 persons!

7. Local Friday Market (2-Hours Tour):

Every Friday a typical market with local products in the village Gotong Royong next to Bukit Lawang takes place. There villagers sell rubber, fruits and vegetable, chicken and fish and all daily basic necessities. Here you can feel the spirit of rural North Sumatra, a colourful place to get in touch with the Indonesian culture and the local life. Your guide will answer all your questions about the local products and help you with whatever you like. Please, use your right hand while paying, because only this is the polite Indonesian way!

Price per person: 16 Euro / price includes: English speaking guide, becak, petrol (or mountain bike & equipment). This tour starts on Fridays only! Note: min 2 persons!

Our unique EcoTravel tours are one of the best ways to explore our region. Nevertheless, parts of your precious holidays should remain reserved for spontaneous activities – or just to relax in your hammock! Bukit Lawang is a beautiful place offering something for everyone! Our office team is keen to supply information on carving or painting workshops, cooking classes or river-tubing. There is also a lovely walk upstream Bohorok River or to the Bukit Lawang orphan house which you can easily manage on your own. In case you are passionate about teaching English we could arrange for you to do an afternoon hour of teaching in a village around Bukit Lawang.